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Wooden Logs And Timber

Zancho Mines Limited is the top exporter of quality hardwood including Oak, Aish and other wood logs. Based at Douala, Cameroon, we supply premium quality wood logs, timber and lumber wood to be used for every purpose and with delivery to multiple locations around the world. One of the best timber logs suppliers in the area, we at Zancho Mines Limited specialize in the finishing, trading and exporting of a wide range of popular domestic and commercial purpose wooden timber logs.

Gold Nuggets and Semi-refined Gold Bars

We are a group of local Miners in the Republic of Cameroon. We Mine and deal with a wide varieties of precious metals , stones and metal ores. We can supply you whatever quantity of Gold Bars you so desire since we have other small scale miners that supply us within the West and Central Africa.

Natural Rough Diamonds

We are counted amongst the notable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Natural Rough Diamonds in Misaje (Cameroon). Our Rough Loose Diamonds are KPC certified. The Uncut Natural Rough Diamonds have high value simply because they are pure, lustrous, crystal clear and hard.


Four kinds of titanite were grouped in our study on the basis of genesis: magmatic titanite from the igneous rocks, hydrothermal titanite from the igneous rocks and hydrothermal veins, metasomatic titanite from the skarn samples, and metamorphic titanite from the hornfels samples. Magmatic titanite is hundreds of μm long, euhedral or subhedral, and in planar contact with magmatic K-feldspar, plagioclase, and quartz. Compared to hydrothermal titanite, early magmatic titanite (cores) is enriched in Ti, HSFE, and REE, but depleted in Al and F. Magmatic titanite can be enriched in W or Mo, reflecting high concentrations of these elements in the source melt and suggesting that titanite has potential for identifying fertile W or Mo intrusions. The titanite from W skarn samples are enriched in W, Sn, and Nb, which also has a potential application as an indicator for W exploration.

Iron Ore

Iron ore mines turn to Mining because our technologies meet their unique needs. The Zanchomines Planning Suite supports a range of open-pit and underground commodities. Zanchomines software is designed to exploit the greatest economic gain from both open-pit and underground mines. It does this with minimal software management because Zanchomines is the only fully-integrated, end-to-end solution for mine planning, mine modeling, and mine management..


Zanchomines offers numerous advantages for mining structurally complex coal. Zanchomines Reserve provides selective mining functionality and comprehensive reporting logic. Zanchomines Schedule Optimizer and Zanchomines Atlas provide full functionalities, such as fleet and resource assignment by material type, selective mining options and stockpile management, tailored to meet the demands of coal operations for generating practical strategic and tactical schedules.

Oil Sands

The Zanchomines Planning Suite is used in Canada's north for its oil sand-specific modeling features. Oil sands and overburden stratigraphy can be modeled in Zanchomines using linear interpolation or implicit modeling. Rapid surface generation combined with advanced Unfolding techniques to follow sub-layers of a zone offer precision in grade interpolation. Zanchomines multiple ore percent models and gridded seam models for stratiform deposits suit oil sands deposits. Zanchomines’s point cloud data type allows users to render unlimited quantities of point data and convert them to surfaces with the Point Cloud Mesher.

Base Metals

Miners of base metals turn to Zanchomines Mining because our technologies meet their unique needs. The Zanchomines Planning Suite was originally created to help geologists and engineers evaluate copper porphyry deposits more than four decades ago. Zanchomines now supports a range of open-pit and underground commodities..

MC-3 Composite Carbide Plate

MC-3’s unique “3in1- micro carbide” micro-structure continues to push the product into new technically demanding applications with a proven reliability that delivers exceptional and durable wear life.The refined chromium carbide based micro-structures in MC-3 products provide maximum value. MC-3 is the preferred wear plate solution in abrasive wear applications.

Rubber Extrusions

Zanchomines stock a wide range of quality rubber and ceramic products designed for wear and corrosion protection.These products are used extensively on plant and equipment used for processing and material handling.The choice of which product to use for Wear and Corrosion protection is critical. The decision should be basedboth on the type of wear and impact involved and also any chemicals which may be present. Other important factors to be considered include the control of material flow and reduction of noise, vibration and dust.


Zanchomines supply a wide range of forged and fully machined bolts, complete with recess washers,seal washers and nuts. All bolts are forged from quality rolled steel (certified) and all threads are rolled. Zanchomines manufacure bolts for Chute liners, Mill liners and a range of Structural applications such as Grinding Mills and Crushers.

Rubber And Composite Mill Linings

Lining systems are designed specifically to suit individual customer requirements and process conditions. Zanchomines perform calculations and simulations based on power draw, slurry flow, trajectory and throughput to ensure that our Lining Systems are designed to offer maximum benefit to our customers,By conducting regular inspection of mill linings Zanchomines are able to monitor wear rates, estimate required change out dates and offer solutions to increase efficiency of linings.


Botswana diamonds: Additional diamonds discovered in Libongo, Cameroon

Botswana Diamonds said two additional diamonds have been recovered from the ongoing sampling program on the Libongo palaeoplacer project in Cameroon....

Botswana Diamonds finds more gems in Cameroon

London-listed Botswana Diamonds (LON:BOD) said Wednesday it recovered two new diamonds from the on-going sampling programme on the Libongo palaeoplacer project in Cameroon....

Botswana Diamonds recovers first gem at Libongo project‎ in Cameroon

Botswana Diamonds has recovered a 2-carat, low value, near gem quality stone, which confirms the diamondiferous potential of the deposit....

Reservoir Options Gold Projects From BEIG3 in the Cameroon

Reservoir Minerals Inc. ("RMC" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:RMC)(PINKSHEETS:RVRLF)(BERLIN:9RE) is pleased to report that it has signed an Option and Joint Venture Agreement with the Bureau d'Etudes et d'Investigations Géologico-Minières, Géotechniques et Géophysiques (BEIG3 SÀRL) ("BEIG3") to acquire 90% of two gold exploration properties: Bibémi and So'o, in the Republic of Cameroon....

Newly Discovered Diamond Mines Bring Hopes of Development to Cameroon

The recent discovery of previously untapped diamond mines in Eastern Cameroon has had the Cameroon news media in a virtual frenzy, but that’s not all.

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